Green Acres Farm
MacDonald Woods Park
Kids Together - Marla Dorrel
Koka Booth Amphitheatre
Waverly Place
Bond Park (Lazy Daze Playground)
Davis Drive Park
North Cary Park


  1. Hi Kristen! I came across your blog while trying to find some new things to do out and about with my two kids. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. You gave me a lot of new ideas! Now if the weather would just cooperate, we could get out there! I'm kinda new at the stay-at-home mom stuff, and have only lived here a few years, so I'm still learning about everything this area offers. Have you ever checked out the trails and fountains at the NC Museum of Art in Raleigh? It might be a fun trip with your little ones. Thanks again!

  2. Harold T. Ritter Park in Cary is really nice. It is just beside Lochmere. The play floor is rubber and it has a merry go round. Also the greenway is behind it for a stroll in the woods after playing. And Hemlock Bluffs is just before that on Kildaire Farm Rd. And I haven't looked but you may or may not have been to Crowder park which is one turn off of Kildaire Farm Rd too. The equipment is fun and the turtles and fish come up for spit fishing too. There is a trail that takes you to other little play places along the way.

  3. Checked out Harold Ritter Park today…. ANNA great recommendation. It took me a while but it was a busy, busy year. LOVE HAROLD RITTER PARK. Great recommendation.