Tuesday, July 17, 2012

A hidden Gem! Great for Little Ones

Jordan's buddy Cora playing on the climbing equipment,
and once again teach Jordan something new.
I love my mommy friends! Just when you think you are getting to know the area, someone says, "Have you been to Waverly Place (in Cary)?"

Of course I have! I shop at Whole Foods when I have money burning a hole in my pocket. (Which is never, but I know where it is and have been there just a few times in the past five years). What does that have to do with our playdate? I thought.

I quickly found out! So there is a FANTASTIC little play area within Waverly's empty shell of a shopping complex. The parking lots are almost always empty, as are the shops. But this place is wonderful once you get there. Because so few know about it, the parking was easy. I just parked around the backside (which faces Chic-Fil-A and Tryon Road). Even when I saw the place I was pessimistic. Then, Dani (17 months) goes running for the back of the fenced area. That's when I saw it! WATER!!!! D loves water. This little play area has water that shoots out from the ground. They called it the splash pad. Either way, it was amazing. The girls played for almost 2 1/2 hours. I'm glad I brought snacks and water. There was no shade.

Dani (17 months) plays in the splash pad.
We didn't take advantage, but just outside the play area was a flat, grassy area for the kids to run around. I'm sure that will make for a nice picnic area for me and the girls one day.

I LOVE this place. I will definitely go back.

I couldn't find an address, but it's on the corner of
Tryon & Kildaire Farm kitty corner from Western Wake Hospital.

HIGHLIGHTS: It's small, easy to keep track of the kids and there's water (which my kids LOVE). Also, it seems to be kind of unknown, so it's not packed.
LOW LIGHTS: It's a little hike to Cary and it's not in a shady spot.

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