Monday, July 16, 2012

UPDATE: New Ownership or New Staff Make this Place a NO GO!!! Snip-Its: A Haircut Adventure

Since this was posted in July, there has been a huge turnover at this place. Our recommended hair cutter no longer works there. I took both of my girls in March and both had a different person cutting their hair. BOTH haircuts were a disaster. I told one lady NOT to cut my 2-year-old's bangs. That was the first thing she did as I turned my head to talk to the other lady, who was cutting my 3-year-old's hair. Her hair looks like it was done by Wayne's World's Suck n Cut. "Yes, it certainly does suck!" 

Sorry to say this is on my "bad" list until I hear otherwise from friends or family. Oh yeah, and they raised their prices. The only thing the same is the decor and the treats. I DO NOT RECOMMEND SNIP ITS.
NO, this is not an advertisement. I asked Jordan what she wanted to do last week, "Do you want to go to the pool or the park, or do you want to get a haircut?" Jordan squealed, "A haircut!" Whew, she really needed a haircut.

So I took her. She loves it, gets to eat graham crackers, suckers and play with toys while watching movies and listening to music. On Tuesday and Thursday this summer, haircuts are $12. The place we go to is in Brier Creek, so it's a hike for us, but it's not a chore; it's an activity for us.
Also, Miss Donna gives amazing haircuts and she's sweet as can be.

8411 Brier Creek Parkway #103  
Raleigh, NC 27617
(919) 484-9292

HIGHLIGHTS: The girls love it - even Dani who doesn't get her haircut there. They do a great job.
LOW LIGHTS: It's in Brier Creek, about 30 minutes from here without traffic.
COST:  $12 on sale, $17 regularly

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