Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kids Together (Or should it be Kids Spread Out?)

Marla Dorrel Park (or Kids Together) in Cary (near the corner of Tryon & Cary Parkway) is absolutely fantastic. This great park is loaded with things to do.

It's absolutely perfect for my kids -- lots of places to climb, different areas to explore, large sandy areas for digging and building castles, a couple sections of swings, little shelters for lunches, bathrooms really close by and pretty clean, too.  I had seen the park before, so I knew what to expect. But I didn't know how great my kids would respond and how imaginitive this park allows your kids to be.

Dani (17 months) climbed all over the place, ran, jumped and trotted across bridges, ate and threw sand (despite my best efforts to thwart these activities) and pretty much smiled her goofy little smile the entire time.
Jordan's new friend Addison
joined usat the park.

Jordan (almost 3) spent a little more time playing hide and seek, exploring, and pretending to be a restaurantour, dragon slayer and architect. I think the pictures will tell some of the story here. It was hard for me to enjoy as much as it's so spread out that I was running around after the girls most of the time. Doesn't make for much of a blog, but the pictures should help!

Either way, we had an awesome time and will definitely go back. I just wish it was a bit closer to Holly Springs.

111 Thurston Drive
Cary, North Carolina 27518
(919) 469-4061

HIGHLIGHTS: Tons to do for little toddlers and pre-schoolers, clean bathrooms close by.  
LOW LIGHTS: It's a little hike to Cary, and it's pretty spread out so a little harder to keep track of both girls at the same time.

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