Monday, September 21, 2015

It's Been A While and Things Have Changed

A lot has changed since my last writing. Yes, I recently posted but it was a blog I had written more than a year ago that needed to be shared.

Turns out, I only have one preschooler now (& only for one more year SNIFFLE) & my other daughter is in kindergarten. So I plan to continue writing about the places we go and see, but perhaps as my kiddos' taste evolves, yours will, too? I'd like to write about track out camps, homework help (especially with COMMON CORE), after-school activities and sports and where to go with your kids during the evening, for educational purposes, etc.

This is not "exactly" going to be for toddler parents going forward but I'm hoping what has already been written will act as reference, and ya'll wouldn't mind letting me know if activities/parks are changing.

Don't get me wrong, we still go to parks. But my kids enjoy consistency now and really love going to the same parks. So a "new adventure" that was easy to sell when they didn't realize I was shlepping them all over Wake County and beyond has become a tougher sell.

So here we go again!! Oh yeah, and I cannot wait to go to the Aloha Safari Zoo. The biggest problem is it's only open on the weekends after Aug. 24. Sigh …

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