Wednesday, October 10, 2012

South Park in Fuquay-Varina - A Nice Change of Pace

She's pretending to be upset. :)

Want to spend some time with really nice moms? Well this is the place to go in Fuquay-Varina.South Park is off of Main Street in Fuquay-Varina. There are softball fields, a little running track that goes right by the playground, jungle gyms (one for the toddlers and another for brave toddlers and older) and swings (both baby swings and big-kid swings).

I really enjoyed my morning with the girls. My smallest is just getting over a cold and got a sinus infection, so we've been sort of cooped up at home since Saturday. But we sneaked out for about 40 minutes to hang out at a new park and enjoy the sunshine. I am so glad we did. There's nothing special about this place, except maybe the track for runners/walkers that is in plain view of the playground for moms and dads who want to get a workout in while their older ones play. But the people were so nice.

We had a pretty good time considering it was right before lunch time, and my toddler is still a little sick. Don't judge - it's just a cold.

We will definitely go back, and we found out about another park in Fuquay-Varina that is great to go to in the evenings. Can't wait to check it out.

900 South Main Street
Fuquay-Varina, NC

HIGHLIGHTS:Awesome moms and dads! Maybe I just got lucky, but the people were so friendly - Adults & Children! It's not terribly crowded, and there's a cute little running/walking track around the nearby softball field so your kids can play while you work out (if they're at that age). Nice shelter nearby.
LOW LIGHTS: I didn't see a bathroom nearby, although that doesn't mean there isn't one. It's pretty small and doesn't have the newest of equipment.
COST: Free!


  1. I've been here multiple times and it is definitely the most friendly park in the area, I always meet nice parents there!
    As for the bathrooms, you can use the ones in the Community Center right across the parking lot....just an FYI next time you go!

  2. There are bathrooms in the building that is next to the two softball fields (and where the concession stand is). They are clean but sometimes not well stocked.