Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Farm Days is April 9-11! DON'T MISS IT!

OK, so I nearly forgot. Thanks to a mommy friend of mine, we are going to Farm Animal Days tomorrow at N.C. State. It will run Wednesday thru Friday (April 9-11). For more information, visit their website.


If I had time to tell you about all the great things I would, but here are my cliffs notes  from last year.

1. The Baby Chicks are a MUST-SEE but it gets very crowded.
2. The Free Ice Cream Is Amazing, So Get Some For Yourself, too.
3. Milk the Fake Cow!
4. You May Have To Go Twice -- It's That Fun!

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  1. Hi! I no longer have toddlers. Mine are now almost 9 & almost 14. However when I first moved to the area 7 years ago I struggled to find things to do with them. I wish I had found a blog like yours back then. I love your blog & how you have it set up by area! It is still usefull for my kids' ages too, we love going to parks & have learned of some I didn't know about, thanks! I noticed you don't have Garner listed & there are few places I think you should check out if you haven't already & just don't have them listed.

    Jumpin' Jax - They have a really great climbing units (kind of like chuck e cheeses) bounce units, a couple games, toddler area, snack bar, wifi, & GREAT b-day parties. It is for kids up to 10 years old. $8 for kids 3-10 & $3 under 3, free for adults.

    Lake Benson - Great shade tent covered playground for toddlers & bigger kids, great climbing trees, big pavilion, clean bathrooms, huge field area, lots of walking path near playground/field/through the woods, near lake

    White Deer Park (right across the street from Lake Benson, we always hit both) - This park has 2 playgrounds. On is all natural & good for little kids (like log see-saws, & log playground stuff) sandbox area, cool live board game like thing, pavilion, walking path, big field)
    The other playground is modern with odd but cool playground equipment. Better for kids that are a little bigger, but there is one small area good for little ones. Pavilion, paths, field.