Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kids Towne: Never heard of it

Due to construction of 540 through Apex, I came across a park off of Kelly Road - appropriately named Kelly Road Park. I was surprised, however, at this spectacular play area I discovered called Kids Towne. (Mommy triumph: my best mom friends new nothing about it).

You walk up and it looks like you're approaching a castle. There is a tire swing, regular swings, slides and all the other standard park accessories. It was the (I don't even know how to describe it) zip-line like thing that my 3-year old managed to work. There was a little boat with a hand-painted dolphin on the side, seats and a steering wheel - my kids screeched when they saw it. There were sandboxes (yes, more than 1), bridges, rope walks, monkey bars ... it was incredible! What's more, I met a woman with her granddaughter who said it was built by volunteers (adults and kids), and there are more like it throughout the area. It turns out, also, she was one of the many volunteers. What a great park!!

It's located behind Olive Chapel Elementary.

Kelly Road Park
1609 Kelly Road
Apex, NC

HIGHLIGHTS: Wow, there are so many - a 25-acre park with tennis courts, Kids Towne, softball field, shelter (with sumwhat clean bathrooms).
LOW LIGHTS: This was the only drawback I saw - it's right behind the school so when the school let out, the after school programs brought probably 100 kids there. My little ones got lost in all the bigger, school-age kids, so we had to leave. But before school lets out, this wouldn't be an issue.
COST: Free!


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