Saturday, May 26, 2012

Where is my second favorite place to go? HARRIS LAKE

A reader (yay, I have a reader) asked where my second favorite place to go is - I am partial to outdoor activities.  I love going to Harris Lake in New Hill because it has two sets of jungle gyms - one for older kids (I am counting my oldest, Jordan, who is 2 as an older kid) and another for my 1-year-old, Dani. (Harris Lake is just off of New Hill/Holloman Road)

It's also incredibly close to my neighborhood, so it becomes my default when I'm tired of the neighborhood playground but don't want to drive to downtown Raleigh.

Harris Lake Park also has walking trails, biking trails and a dock off of which people can drop their fishing lines. My kids love running up and down the dock, screaming, pounding their feet and spit fishing. That's when we peak our heads over the top rail and spit into the water (classy, I know), and the fish just attack the spit.

There's a great open field where my girls like to run, kick a soccer ball and fly kites. We also held Jordan's 2nd birthday there in one of the shelters. It was perfect, inexpensive and it went off so well a good friend of mine did the same for her son's birthday just weeks later. That's a pretty good sign.

We'll probably make it to Harris Lake some time next few weeks. They have a lot of activities at Harris Lake Park, and I plan to attend a few this summer and write about them. You're welcome to look back for photos and more.

HIGHLIGHTS: Free & there are options for older & younger kids
LOW LIGHTS: Ticks! Spray your kids, they are everywhere & they're the small ones & it's located on Shearin Harris Nuclear Plant land so there's a cooling tower in the backdrop (freaked me out at first but I'm very comfortable with it now OBVIOUSLY)
PRICE: Nothing
GAS COSTS: Minimal for those in Holly Springs & Apex


2112 County Park Dr
New Hill, NC 27562


Later Crocodiles

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