Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Rosie Time in Raleigh!

Photo By James Nedock Photography
I had no idea The Raleigh Little Theatre even existed, but this GORGEOUS venue is a great 1-hour stop for you and your kids. I wouldn't plan to be entertained for much longer than that with a toddler though.

You won't believe this place. The Rose Garden behind the Raleigh Little Theatre is spectacular! 
Photo By James Nedock Photography

Now, there isn't a playground or sandbox or swings. It's not that kind of place. It's more of an open area with beautiful flowers, water fountains and a great little stage and set of steps for the kids to run up and down. My kids loved the open areas and the big tree they could climb through.

We actually had our family pictures taken there this weekend. The Raleigh Little Theatre also offers summer camps, school year classes and field-trip opportunities in addition to concerts outside in the summer. From what I could see on the events website, the event usually start around 7 p.m. so perhaps not the best option for my toddlers. But some kids stay up a bit later.

HIGHLIGHTS: Beautiful, lots of flowers and things we normally don't go see, the stairs are awesome for the toddlers to burn off some energy running up and down
LOW LIGHTS: Rose bushes have thorns, we were on high alert after my daughter clumsily walked into a bush, it doesn't keep them entertained long
GAS: It's about 15 miles each way for us, so I'm guessing around $4

301 Pogue Street
Raleigh, NC 27607
(919) 821-3111

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