Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Busch Gardens Weekend Vacation

Jordan and her Nana getting on Prince Elmo's Spire, one of many rides available for toddlers.

Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Va was a huge surprise! I cannot believe I spent a whole day in an amusement park with a 2- & 1-year-old and had a great time.
Dani playing in the water section of Forest of Fun at Busch Gardens.

There is an entire section for young children like Jordan and Dani called the Forest of Fun. It's an Elmo and friends themed portion of the park with water play, rides for really little ones and so much more. Right next to it was an animal petting area (which we never made it to because there were so many other things to do).

Jordan (2) went on several rides, by herself, and was having a blast. Dani (15 months) even rode a couple rides with her dad. It was incredible. They were smiling, clapping and begging for more despite a few lines in which they had to wait 15 minutes or more (an eternity to a toddler).

Kids under 3 are free, too! I cannot wait to get back. I want to go again before Jordan's third birthday. It was incredible. But it wasn't cheap!

HIGHLIGHTS: The rides designed for kids her age, Forest of Fun with Elmo, lots of shaded areas
LOW LIGHTS: Lines, expensive food, it doesn't open until 10 a.m. (which is 3 hours before naptime in my house), it takes 3 or more hours to get there from the RDU area
COST:  $66.99 per adult, $56.99 for children 3 and older

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