Friday, June 8, 2012

Sick Week Continues ... But With Highlights

Jordan (2) woke up with a cough, bed head and a fever.
But still she smiles for the camera!
I rushed it and went to the pool early this week, thinking the girls were better. I was wrong. That same night, after braving a FREEZING swimming pool for 35 long minutes, both of my girls ran fevers.

Today, we confirmed that Dani (16 months) has the croup. Jordan (2) is getting better but is coughing so hard she's throwing up. My poor little stinkers.  They're not sleeping well, so I spend a lot of time calming them down, playing with their hair and rubbing their little backs.

While putting Jordan down for a nap today, we snuggled up close - nose to nose - and J looked at me, smiled and said, "This is so nice, mommy."

Ahhhhh, rough week, but my girls are weathering the storm with smiles and giggles when they can.

Later Crocodiles

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  1. Hope your girls are better soon! I had two sickos this week, too, with a hubby out of town, it's a lot of work, but it sure is nice snuggling with them!