Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Couponing - This is Pretty Helpful Site For Those Who Don't Coupon Well

So I just saw this blog about my recommendation to go to Jordan Lake's Ebenezer Church public beach area.

These women do the research for you and tell you how to get the best deals and where. The below link is a direct review of her own trip to Jordan Lake, but takes you to her blog where you can find those great deals.

It's called Triangle Money Saving Mommas. I spoke with their writers and they said they would be posting deals to get into some of the areas kid-friendly places in the future and sharing them with me. In turn, I will be sharing those with you when they do! And hopefully it will take some of the cost out of the picture - especially for those of us on a limited income.  This does deviate a little from my normal blogging topics, but does the same thing - reduces the road blocks that keep us from having fun with our kids!

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