Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Millbrook Exchange/Community Center - Refurbished Park, Splash Pad & Baby Pool

We were so excited to check out this new park at Millbrook Exchange Community Center & Park (with splash pad). So I read up a bit and headed out to check it out.

Unfortunately, just as we arrived (a 35-minute drive later) we found out that the park was not yet open and the splash pad was not free or refurbished. Based on the articles I had read it was all open and mostly new (we visited May 30, so a few weeks has passed and the park may be open now). The stories were unclear, and I was visibly frustrated. I have a neighborhood pool, which I already pay for. Why would I drive all that way to pay for my kids to play?
Well, it was fun! We had a great time, and the people were incredibly friendly. The park, when it opens (which the construction workers said would be two weeks, but I wouldn't bank on it) will be wonderful. There were two separate sections and it looked really nice. Unfortunately, the bad taste in my mouth about it not yet being open after such a long drive will hinder this review.

If I lived in North Raleigh and didn't have a community pool, I would definitely take advantage of this place. It was $2/per child and $6 per adult if you are a Raleigh resident.

I do not, however, so for my Holly Springs, Apex, Cary, Fuquay-Varina readers - this place isn't quite worth the drive just yet. It may be when the park opens - but still, for those with community pools, I'm not sure I'd drive all that way for a park. A shorter drive and different circumstances would likely evoke a much better review of this place.

1905 Spring Forest Road
Raleigh, NC

HIGHLIGHTS: Wonderful, lowish cost for a pool activity that doesn't require a membership. Splash pads and toddler pools are almost always a hit for young kids, and the new playground looks like it will be amazing if/when it opens (yes, that was a bit snarky). The guy at the front, taking payments, was very friendly and helpful.
LOW LIGHTS: They don't seem to have the media connections to get the word out about the correct opening date of the refurbished park; for those of us on the Southwest side of the Triangle, it's not really very close & the cost is more for non-Raleigh residents. The restrooms aren't really very clean, nor are they convenient to the splash pad and pool areas for much-needed quick trips little ones and potty training kids of need. But it's not too bad either. For someone living in the area I would absolutely ignore my review and go and enjoy!!! The lifeguards did not seem like they enjoyed their jobs -- very unfriendly that day.
COST:  $2 for 1-12 year olds, $4 for 13-54 and $3 per 55+ (RALEIGH RESIDENTS). Nonresidents pay $3 for 1-12, $7 for 13-54 and $5 for 55+.
HELPFUL HINT: You didn't hear this from me, but they don't really check if you're a resident or not, so if you want to save a few bucks just say you're a Raleigh resident. I feel terrible writing that, but it's true and if I can save people a few bucks ...

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