Thursday, December 13, 2012

Fuquay-Varina Library Park

Library Park in Fuquay is not much; it's a small jungle gym that would hardly keep my 3-year-old's attention and is not terribly clean or maintained but there's open space to run and burn off some energy. It's passable from my limited experience.

I'd love to give you a thorough review, but my little one (about 22 months) watched another boy throw mulch and decided to copy him. I warned her twice and then said if she threw mulch one more time, we would have to leave.

Guess why I cannot tell you a whole lot about this park?

She liked the climbing apparatus, and she liked the mulch. I am sure it wouldn't take long for her to get bored, too, and start running around the trees in the park. But that's just a guess.

Here are a few pictures of the jungle gym and our little stinker (pre-mulch throwing of course). Also, the website (click here for more info) said it's a 1-acre park adjacent to the Fuquay-Varina History Museum Complex. Hmmm, I feel another blog coming on.

116 South Aiken Street
Fuquay-Varina, NC

HIGHLIGHTS: It's small, convenient to the library for post quiet-time running around and my kids love wide-open spaces.
LOW LIGHTS: It's not particularly well kept, it's really small so won't hold attention for long and the parking situation is less than desirable when the library lot is full.
COST: Free!

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