Thursday, November 15, 2012

Blockfest in Raleigh - Math & Science for Kids under 6!!

Blockfest is back! Blockfest is an interactive exhibit where children and their parents visit stations designed to raise awareness of early math and science by playing with blocks, and it's for kids under 6. This sounds absolutely incredible and has a pre-k teacher's stamp of approval.

The exhibit, which is held November 30 and December 3, is hands on and specifically designed for families with young children.

Wake County's Project Enlightenment is sponsoring this event. Pre-registration is required but the event is free. 


  1. I LOVE blockfest! It's a must and really shares the importance of this simple play that impacts our children in a big way! The kids will have fun, but the parents will too! I highly recommend it!

  2. This sounds absolutely incredible help me with math and has a pre-k teacher's stamp of approval.