Thursday, August 16, 2012

Don't Feed the Ducks! But You Can Play with a Turtle!

Don't do this! Ha, even though my daughter (3) did fall in the water, that's not why. You're not supposed to feed the ducks at Bass Lake. In fact, you're not supposed to feed any of the wildlife. WHOOPS!
My friend, Amanda, and I were so bored last week. We just couldn't think of anything to do. We almost just stayed back played in the cul de sac, again.

Instead we grabbed some old bread and headed to Bass Lake Park (off of Bass Lake Road) in Holly Springs. Since there are two 1-year-olds and one 2-year-old between us, we missed a few signs. The girls started to feed the ducks, who darted toward us at the edge of the water. In fact, they wouldn't leave us alone when the bread quickly ran out.

About 5 minutes later, park personell came over to show us, rather politely I might add, that there were signs (which we were almost sitting on) asking people not to feed the animals. WHOOPS!

But he was incredibly nice and told us about a little nature center in the Bass Lake Park pavilion. I must say, I've been to Bass Lake a dozen times and had no idea this was there. I knew about the ducks, the boat rental, the beautiful deck on the pavilion and even the trails (which are a bit rough for toddlers).

The North Carolina Environmental Education Center was wonderful. Ella and Dani (both 1 1/2) and Jordan (almost 3) loved it. They played for at least 30 minutes without a problem. There were live snakes, fish, books, toys and even a live turtle that wasn't even contained. All three girls loved the turtle. I appropriately named it Shelly.

I don't usually encourage rule breaking, but this is the exception. If we hadn't broken their rules, we wouldn't have met Shelly or found this great little facility.

Bass Lake Park
900 Bass Lake Road
Holly Springs, NC

HIGHLIGHTS: Live animals (but in terrariums so you don't have to touch them), lots of books, friendly staff and other educational toys/tools. (See also cost)
LOW LIGHTS: There were a few unprotected "don't-touch" items and even a few rock samples which both 1-year-olds put in their mouths. It's not terribly clean. 

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  1. What fun it is to read about this adventure with the kids! I bet there are a few newcomers to the area, with young children, that not only will
    visit the park, but would love to meet other young families doing the same thing... Maybe pack a few of those germ wipes things... those are probably standard procedure in traveling bags for kids anyway! What lucky children!